About Me

I’m a twenty-something living in Seattle, having graduated from the University of Washington in 2010 with a BA in Near Eastern Languages & Civilization – naturally, I’m pursuing a career in web, graphic, and UX design.

You can reach me by filling out this contact form, or on LinkedIn here.

I’d say I’m best at:

  • Photoshop & Illustrator
  • User interaction design (UX)
  • Social interaction design
  • WordPress

I’m functional in:

  • PHP – The extent of my PHP knowledge comes from thorough interaction with the WordPress platform
  • Javascript, including jQuery – I’ve implemented and modified existing plugins and the like, but I have not learned it from the ground up
  • Ruby on Rails – I’ve developed for sites using Ruby and so am familiar with the file structure, but I’ve never coded for it

I don’t know much about:

  • ASP.Net
  • SQL (other than wordpress usage)
  • Java, objective C