Aro Compatibility Chart

Kiha Software hired me to run compatibility testing for Aro, their mobile personal information management product. When I started, they hadn’t yet done any thorough compatibility testing, and hadn’t publicly declared the testing they had completed.

I immediately set to work devising a testing schedule, researching the most new and popular devices, and brainstorming a way to get the compatibility information to the public to increase satisfaction and retention. I came up with the idea of putting the chart on the website and including it in the signup process as well as within the help documentation.

I was given free reign to design and implement the best solution that I could come up with, so I began designing a simple compatibility chart, and gave myself 1.5 days to have it finished and pushed live.

As I began the design process, I realized that there was no source of standardized and publicly available photos of the devices, yet most users identify their devices visually. Having spent a great deal of time with the different phones in hand, I knew that the body design differentiated enough between them to make the outline recognizable. Thus, I decided to make my own vector illustrations.

I utilized existing graphic design assets from Kiha, namely the checkboxes and gradient backdrops, and created a layout for the list of phones organized by carrier.

As Kiha has recently decided to shut down Aro, my work can be seen in the iframe below: