Hidden Wars of Desert Storm

Seeing my work with the other dvd cases, I was asked to redesign DVD cases for two documentaries by Audrey Brohy & Gerard Ungerman – Hidden Wars of Desert Storm and the Oil Factor.

These were both re-releases and thus lower priority, so I was given a very limited timeframe to present new designs. Given that limitation, I’m quite happy with how they turned out.

Hidden Wars was originally designed with a black backdrop and an Apache helicopter flying at the viewer. It was redesigned by Typecast once and given a desert background and a typographic facelift, which was more visually appealing and conveyed more of the intended message.

In the redesign, I decided to retain the two basic elements of a military image against a desert backdrop, but decided to change the orientation: looking at the second design, it appeared to me that I was looking down on the desert from above, but the helicopter was flying at me – straight up.

It was a visually straightforward and speedy redesign, so I merely added some color for a more dynamic palette, muted the aircraft to a silhouette, and set new typography.