Typecastfilms.com Facelift

Soon after my work with the Arab Center of Washington, I was hired at Arab Film Distribution/Typecastfilms.com. It’s a small company, so I was tasked with social media and outreach, graphic, and web design.

One of my first projects was to give typecastfilms.com a facelift and add a shop. I had a limited timeline to get everything up and running, so I ended up coding over the existing WordPress theme, which itself seemed to be coded over a pre-built theme.

It was a fun project, and one I learned a great deal from. I sat down with the rest of the company and discussed common user action flows on our site and similar film distribution sites to make typecastfilms.com as easy and accessible as possible. I also studied the interactions of countless e-commerce sites from indie t-shirt sites to amazon.com in order to get a conscious idea of best practices in an online store.

I had never actually thought about the process of purchasing online before. It’s one of those things that people use every day, but couldn’t actually write down the steps they took, the number of pages they went through, or clicks they made if pressed. Taking ambiguous feedback such as “from start to finish, it seems to take a long time” and translating that into actionable UX decisions was one of the best UX learning experiences I’ve had to date.